Linear Bearing Shaft

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  • Linear Bearing Shaft Factory
Linear Bearing Shaft

Heat treated steel
Name:Slide block
Type:Automatic equipment high speed transmission device
Colour:Silver or black
Application area:Applied to sliding friction guides
Service:OEM Customized Services
Packaging:Standard Wooden Box Or Carton

Difference between models

1. Type A has a longer threaded hole than Type B; Type B can be assembled not only from the top of the slider, but also from the bottom of the slider;

2. Type B is compared with C type, the hole of type C is a through hole, and the hole of type B is a threaded hole;

3. The R type has a smaller width than the A/B/C type;

4. Compared with A/B/C/R type, the LA/LB/LC/LR type has the same section size, the length of the slider is increased, and the number of load steel balls is increased to improve the overall load capacity.

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linear bearing shaft

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