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Brand STRB
Number of Employees 51-100 People
Annual sales US$1 Million - US$2 Million
Established in 1996

Shandong Jinju International Trade Co., LTD., founded in 1996, strives for survival by quality and development by reputation. In 2015, an international trading company was established in the beautiful spring city of Jinan to face the world bearing market. STRB brand strategy launched by the company, carefully developed, sincere service, carefully built. Distribution of 0-9 bearings, products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, paper, cement, electric power, steel and construction machinery, railway fields. Company spirit of "quality first, reputation first service first" purpose, to strengthen the internal management, with the best quality, the best price, the fastest speed, the best service based on the market, equality and mutual benefit, with friends at home and abroad to establish long-term mutual benefit friendly trade relations. Shandong Jinju International Trading Co., Ltd. will rely on solid capital, personalized management philosophy and advanced marketing network, combined with its own advantages in supply and marketing and after-sales, with rich inventory, quick response and high performance and quality products, to provide customers with the best services. -- Looking forward to working with you to create a brilliant future

We are professional bearing supplier and manufacturer,not only the trade company,we are engaged in bearing industry more than 20 years.And we have a wide varietyof bearings in huge stocks. Our products are mainly used in industrial fields, such as cement equipment, mining equipment, mill equipment, power plant equipment, paper making equipment, oil field equipment, metallurgical equipment, and so on. Large size bearing is our advantage.

Installation Instructions
* 1, before installation precision level open bearing, with a pure petrol or kerosene wash bearing, injected high quality lubricating oil (fat), and then you can use; For belt sealed bearing and common open bearing before installation, don't wash bearings, but must keep clean assembly site, to avoid foreign body into the bearing.

* 2. Install the bearing should be uniform bearing tolerance, does not allow direct hammer bearing; For the shaft and 
bearing has great interference fit, the bearing to local induction heating, or to open the bearing oil bath heated to 90-100 ℃, and immediately installed.

* 3. After installation, the bearing should be rotated flexibly, sealed and lubricated correctly and reliably.

* 4. bearings generally should have dustproof devices, and the use of bearings should be checked regularly in the process 
of use, and problems should be found in time, so as to take corresponding measures.

* 5. The bearing must be handled with care in the handling process; The storage area should be dry and ventilated.

* 6. This product has been inspected to meet the GB/T307.3-2005 standard and is approved to leave the factory.

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